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In fact, earlier today, he'd read a Bible passage describing the ways in which two of Christ's disciples handled their respective disloyalties. Judas' suicide, Haggard believes, served the interests of church leaders, while Peter's recovery enabled him to go on and expose the religious hierarchy's own deceptions. It was the path of Judas the Bible's best-known traitor in which Haggard the Evangelical church's best-known exile nearly followed.

The scandal-plagued pastor fell into an extended depression after he and his family relocated to Phoenix in , following the very public exposure of his liaisons with a male escort and his purchase of methamphetamines. According to the terms of an agreement he signed with his former church, Haggard was not only banished from New Life but also — in a provision more typical of TV westerns and medieval decrees — forbidden from ever returning to the state of Colorado.

As chronicled in The Trials of Ted Haggard , an HBO documentary that aired last January, the Haggards moved through a series of temporary lodgings as the pastor-turned-insurance-salesman roamed Phoenix neighborhoods, growing to resemble the Willy Loman character in Death of a Salesman. So virtually no one expected to find Haggard and his family back in their comfortable Colorado Springs home, less than a mile from the mega-church that started nearly 25 years ago as a basement gathering of worshippers.

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Ted Haggard — was the absolutely not-gay [2] remember that, it's important to know head of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado [3]. In Haggard was exposed as a methamphetamine user and a likeable customer of Denver's male prostitutes. We must assume that bills the faithful gave him was never used in this functioning. The reason Ted Haggard chose the homosexual lifestyle is that Satan has a presence in the Church, which is why people can still have self-confident impure thoughts in church.

Disregarding nevertheless though Satan can find his way into the Church, interval assured, there is no behaviour pattern that Satan found his custom into the Bible long ago and twisted the whole edition, because the Bible says so: Every word of God is pure: He is a screen unto them that put their trust in Him.

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But Gayle and I went to him just before Christmas of , and I asked him for permission to go back to our family home, to change that one paragraph, and he came back in January and released me from the entire contract. I hope the censorship spree won't be as extensive and long lasting this time.

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And so very often he would point out to me what the real Bible said.


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Youtube ted haggard is completely heterosexual definition

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